Sunday, November 24, 2013

Georgia Reign

By J.E. Taylor
Though there is gore, and pain, and lip-curling scenes, the fascination with Steve Williams and his abilities over-rides all else. First and foremost I am a paranormal fan who likes mystery/detective stories.
Product Details

At first I was amazed that anyone would write with such graphic description of the torture scenes, but then I remembered all the Stephen King books I’ve read. This author, while not yet at the King pinnacle, has the same style of writing, her stories scare the you-know-what out of a person, and are horrifying enough that, though sometimes you wish you could, you can’t put them down. Descriptions of events, characters, and surroundings allow the reader to be placed right in the story, which is what makes it all so scary.

I look forward to reading the rest of the Steve Williams series and any other that this author cares to come up with.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Season for Hope

Once again Ms. Cannon has created a story that is readable, easy to relate to, and that allows the reader to feel a part of the action.

Product DetailsThe characters in this book are so real and the story so well developed that almost anyone can relate to them. The insight that Bailey gains is something we can all hope for.

I suggest you read everything written by Ms. Cannon that you can get your hands on.

Crystal Illusions

Product DetailsBy J.E. Taylor

Amazing... again. I simply can’t get enough of J.E. Taylor’s books. This author is able to scare the bejummies out of you one minute, and touch your heart the next.

With enough twists and turns to keep the most avid detective mystery readers satisfied, this is another can’t-put-it-down-’til-it’s-done book.  Reminds me a bit of Stephen King, I want to close my eyes to read some of it... but I can’t stop reading!

Definitely recommended!

Shrine of Avooblis

Product DetailsBy Charles Streams

I’m so happy with the second book of the Adventurers! The shady villains, reluctant hero, irrepressible sidekick... you just don’t need any more than this for a great adventure story.

Rather than give an entire rundown of what happened in book one, the author has added appropriate backstory where needed. This book can be read as stand-alone, but you won’t want to!

All of the main and supporting characters have added dimensions that help bring them to life. As I’d hoped, after reading the first story—The Arches of Avooblis—more definition was given to Elloriana and I was able to visualize and ‘hear’ her voice. Now for Lita, and we will have a great quest team.

This is one series I highly recommend.

Monday, November 18, 2013

How can it be November??

November! How can it be November? I thought I had just posted here, but realized I hadn't posted anything since the beginning of October. I've been so busy editing I haven't even thought about updating this blog.

With the holidays coming up, it's even more difficult to find the time to take care of the important but less critical aspects of work. My first duty is to get the manuscripts back to the authors in a timely manner. Since I'm a reading addict I haven't really booked any time for anything else. Must find balance!

My authors sometimes set goals far in advance. I admire that, though long term goals are a bit beyond me at the moment. So, a short term goal will be set.

This week I will be updating this blog with the rest of the books I've edited that have been published and what I thought of them.     :o)   Setting this short term goal is easy-peasy! We'll see if I am disciplined enough to put the reading/editing aside for a moment and fulfill the goal.

For anyone who has read about my houdini dogs, an update. We are still struggling to keep the 9 yr old chocolate labs in the yard. One in particular, Tuk, has decided he's too old to jump and climb over the six foot fences, so he'll burrow under. We now have an electric wire 6 inches from the ground all the way around the chain link fence. However, yesterday, he punched through another spot on the wood fence. Couldn't find the battering ram so we figure he just used his thick head. I think 6 foot solid metal fencing (if there is such a thing) that goes underground about 8 inches may be what we need. Not attractive, but maybe houdini dog proof!

We aren't quite ready to give up, but then, neither is Tuk!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Highway to Hell

This book is a must read! I read it as soon as I got it and couldn't put it down!

This book is a must read! Continuing where Don’t Fear the Reaper left off, Nick and Julia face their monsters again, needing to free Nick’s father. This book could be a stand-alone, as there is enough back story to give the general idea of what went on, but to truly appreciate the creativity and creepiness factor, I would highly recommend reading Don’t Fear the Reaper first. You will be glad you did. This writing team has something great going on, and I can’t wait to see if there will be more from them.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Moment We Began

I really liked this book. The character development was complete and the reader is lead through the emotional highs and lows a young woman feels when confronted with real life. A story about beginning love, this tale also deals with coming to grips with who you are as a person, what is most important to you, how everything is a choice, and what future you would design for yourself.
I just love a book that I finish reading with a smile and a sigh.

Well done, Ms. Cannon. I’ve enjoyed all you’ve written, and will recommend any and all of your books.

Alex Finch: Monster Hunter

This is an enjoyable tale with characters that you can relate to. Ms. Dean has created a story that pushes many of a person’s ‘fear’ buttons: monsters, the dark, being chased, icky tunnels, cave-like areas, and more.

I look forward to reading more about Alex—and her friends—and would definitely recommend this for all people twelve years and older.

Princesses Don't Fight in Skirts

Following in someone’s footsteps is hard enough when you want to be there, when you don’t, it’s even worse. This is a wonderful story of a young girl everyone expects to behave in a certain way; simply because of who she is. As time passes, she begins to find what is important to her, and to believe in herself, realizing compromise isn’t such a bad thing.
Product DetailsThe story is well written with characters that are easy to understand. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and will be giving it as a gift to all the young girls in my family.

Well done, Aya Ling!

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Arch of Avooblis

This story is reminiscent of parts of Harry Potter, with enough originality to capture the reader. I really wanted to be able to turn my nose up (I’m a huge Harry Potter fan) and say it’s just a knock off... but I can’t say that. There are some similarities, but a lot more of original ideas.

The story moves along at a nice pace and keeps you turning pages. The main characters, Dagdron and Earl were developed nicely. If this is to be a series, the two supporting characters of Lita and Elloriana will need to be fleshed out more in the next installment in order to really identify with them, and I am definitely looking forward to the next in the series!

Overall, I must say I really enjoyed the story and would recommend it for young readers.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another Houdini Dog Update

In April and May of this year I posted about my two Chocolate Lab Houdini dogs. From about the end of May until about a week ago all was quiet on the dog front.

Our son ran into one side of the secondary driveway gate, creating a small gap in the wooden slats. The big oops was in not closing that small gap immediately! Because he could see out to the street, Tuk thought he could chew his way out to get there. Like the little engine who could... and Dora the blue fish... Tuk just kept chewing. He and Walker saw an opening, and went through it!

I received a call from our neighbor an hour after I left the house... the gate was broken down completely and the dogs were nowhere to be seen. Wish I had taken pictures again, but frankly I was so upset that I didn't even think of it!

We repaired the fence, strengthened it by putting extra 2 x 4's across the middle on each side and reinforcement across the top and bottom of the slats.

Should anyone need  to have their house houdini-dog proofed, I believe we've got it figured. (hope that's not famous last words!)

At least the kitten isn't mad at Walker!IMG_20130906_214955_890-1.jpg

Ascent of the Aliomenti and Birth of The Alliance

Alex Albrinck has continued his fantastic Aliomenti series with Ascent of the Aliomenti and Birth of the Alliance.

I really like this series. The plot and side plots have been worked out very carefully and I haven’t found any loose threads that leave me scratching my head. Characters are dimensional and descriptions are full, it’s easy to visualize everything.

Fine job, Alex Albrinck!

I can't say enough good things about this author and this series. I highly recommend this series... it's one that I will be reading again and again. 
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Death’s Awakening

Even though this story had elements reminiscent of other stories and shows about zombies, there is more than enough originality make this one very good read, not some ‘same old, same old’ story. I couldn’t stop reading; one page after another until the very end!

Sarra Cannon is a fantastic story teller with a flair for description and character building. Just as her ‘Peachville High’ series was an addictive series, I imagine this new series will also be on the must read list! I, personally, can’t wait for the next‼

The Return of the Pimpled Pustule

The title alone makes me laugh!!

What a satisfying conclusion to this two part feline spy novel. I totally enjoyed the talking animals; love the fact that cats and dogs speak each other’s language, though neither speaks ours. Somehow that makes sense...
Product Details

Jos Brussel is proving to be a talented story teller with a creative mind that will throws all the twists and turns at you during one of his spy novels. Great job, Jos!

It's my opinion that the younger reader would also find this series a really good read.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Water Witch (Witches of Etlantium)

Product Details
I enjoyed this story, it was an interesting concept. I felt the characters needed a bit more description, or backstory, or emotional rounding, just something more. Often they didn’t react the way one would expect.

While this didn’t really detract from the story itself, it would have made the characters more memorable.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the storyline progresses! I would definitely recommend this for the YA reader! 

The Bluebell Mystery (The Feline Spy Serial 2)

Picking up where the Brookridge Park Horror left off, once again we are entertained by the feline spies as they work at solving a mystery. Jos Van Brussel has written in all the details needed to visualize the spies in this short story.

This story is a quick read and would be perfect for a plane trip, lazing by the pool, or when you finally get your kids (or kittens) to take a nap.

Product Details

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Second in the Aliomenti Series

Product DetailsWhat an emotional roller coaster this story is! I found myself reading faster and faster so I could know what came next.  As the second book of a series, one usually has questions as to whether it will live up to the first book, - in this case - A Question of Will. Let me tell you now, it more than lives up to the first book!
My favorite quote: Hope without action means nothing; it’s just words and an idea. You have to make the decision on how you’ll behave, and simply not accept any excuse or difficulty as a reason to act in any other way.
I loved the story line from the first book and was thrilled that the quality continued. Alex Albrinck has developed characters you care about, or hate, depending on which character. The world he has built is so solid, you find yourself looking around, wondering if the person next to you might be an Aliomenti.
Highly recommend this series, and this author. Great job!

The Mueller Frog

Product DetailsFrom the author of The Zapp Imbroglio, this is a comedy all the way to the end. While not as Pink Panther –ish as the Zapp Imbroglio, The Mueller Frog has its moments! This story is a nice light read for a summer day at the beach; or wherever you are.

I enjoyed the lighthearted approach to love and larceny. Good job, Mr. Van Brussel!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Question of Will

Product DetailsThis is a must read. From the very beginning I thought A Question of Will was fabulous! I actually cried twice during the read. Twice! That doesn't happen often. Because of the complete descriptions, the characters were very real to me, and I cared about what happened to them. Mr. Albrinck built his story so well I was able to visualize the settings where the various scenes took place. Really well done! Thanks for writing this series, can't wait to read more.

The Brookridge Park Horror (The Feline Spy Serial 1)

Product DetailsJos Van Brussel is at it again! This time he's written a short story as an off-shoot of his Zack Zapp series. If you don't have a lot of time, would like to chuckle (and maybe roll your eyes) then this is for you. Mr. Van Brussel doesn't mess around when it comes to thinking outside the box! I loved it. It was light, funny, and at the same time, it was definitely a mystery! Great job!

Sins of the Father (A Lady Marmalade Mystery)

Jason Blacker has released another Lady Marmalade mystery! Each of the Lady Marmalade books I read gives me a bit more of the story of the complex main character-Lady Marmalade. That is just a bonus because the real story is the murder mystery she solves.

Product DetailsSet in 1942, during WWII, Lady M is asked to help out a woman who is almost a neighbor. An interesting cast of characters reside at the home of this woman, as boarders. Perhaps one of those boarders is the one sending threatening mail the the woman?

A twisty tale peppered by air raid sirens and the threat of bombs falling. Definitely recommended reading.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nighthawk Series - Book 2

I'm finding it difficult to write a review for this book! I loved it, really really loved it! However, if I say WHY I love it, I'll reveal too much of the story. There are so many directions that this series can take, I'm holding my breath for the next one!

Product DetailsI guess the only thing to do is to give it 5 stars, and say, "You have to read it!"

Friday, June 21, 2013

Where I Wanna Be

Ms. Roberts sets the backstory so well that it reads like its own novel. I was satisfied with just the set up for the main plot! Awesome.

Product DetailsThese characters are so real that I have a major hate on for Eli and Simone! And disgust for both. When an author makes her characters this real, you just don’t want to put the story down, and you think about them even when you aren’t reading!

Kudos, again, to Ms. Roberts. Once more you have written a novel that has it all… the emotional jabs, the sexual tension, and the sex scenes themselves that are burning hot!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Trouble With Goodbye (A Fairhope New Adult Romance by Sarra Cannon

Ranked in May 2013 as one of the 100 top selling indie authors with The Trouble with Goodbye, Sarra Cannon is an amazing read! 

Product DetailsListed as a New Adult Romance with sexual content the book is recommended for ages 17+. The characters are real to life, the situations in which they find themselves... happen. Ms. Cannon has produced a book that is well written, with clear insight into what emotions people go through during these situations.

I have read Sarra Cannon's series about demons (and highly recommend them) and will read anything else, of whatever genre, she chooses to write... she's that good! 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

 Wishing all the Dads a very Happy Father's Day! Take some time for yourself.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Mysterious Moxie

Product DetailsOnce more, Jos Von Brussel has created a work that will leave you chuckling at the antics of all the characters involved. This is a murder mystery with humor, and I must once more point out that it is reminiscent of the Pink Panther/Keystone Cops.  Incompetent local constabulary, not to mention Zack Zapp and Milton Burdass-Nutall,  set the stage for this ‘humorous romantic comedy’. Again, there were places where I laughed right out loud.

Having finished The Mysterious Moxie, I find myself sitting here with a smile, mild chuckle, and shaking my head. I really liked this book, as much as I did his first one, The Zapp Imbroglio. Definitely a fun read, both! I highly recommend this book and this author!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Update on the Houdini Labs

It's been about 3 weeks now since the flurry of chocolate lab escapes.

Once we had the porch all buttoned down, they discovered there is one more low fence... it is behind the raspberry garden, accessible only through a six foot chain-link fence. Not attached to the neighbor's fence, the chain-link ends just a couple of inches from touching it. That was enough for the mastermind of the escapes to use his massive 90 pounds and superior canine teeth to enlarge said two inches to a hole plenty large enough for crawling through. Once inside, it was a piece of cake to leap a mere 4 foot fence.

Having fixed that final (hopefully) flaw of fencing, it has been, as I said, a few weeks of no escapes. I hesitate to even write this, as I believe the chocolates read my posts and take it as a challenge!

I'm glad to see June come, more sunshine, the dogs all like to sleep in the sun... picturing quiet times...   :o)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What a Find!

If you like adventure or jungles, or adventure in jungles, you’ll like this book. The pace is fast, the plot original (like all of Ms. Aren’s work) and you can’t help but be carried along.

 Product DetailsHer main character, Rick, is totally believable. I forgot I was reading and was able to be in the jungle, andfeel the excitement of finally getting to the city. I experienced the puzzlement when I finally got there.

Ms. Aren has produced a totally enjoyable book that will have you wondering if there is more than meets the eye going on in the rest of the jungle. I highly recommend it!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Deadly Fun

Product DetailsI enjoyed reading Deadly Fun, a lot. The characters were well developed and worked well with each other. Interspersed with the fast action was some sexual attraction between Dan and Lo, the good guys. The bad guys are truly bad!

This book should appeal to anyone who enjoys romantic detective-type stories. There is enough sexual attraction for the romance reader while not hitting you in the face with graphic sex. A very pleasant read for anyone. Well done, Ms. Richter!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

To all who are moms, or mom stand-ins!!


Happy Mother's Day to EVERYONE!!                   

Monday, May 6, 2013

Saga of the labs...

Continuing in the original style of Houdini, himself, the two chocolate labs have made it their lifework (which may be shorter than they dreamed) to chew through, pull apart, and simply push through, every barrier we set in front of them.

Never looking at a fence remodel as an item of despair, they simply sit down, drool awhile, and come up with a plan to go over, under, or through said fence. I'm sure they are thrilled that we are providing them with the equivalent of lumosity for dogs. Keep those brain cells active!

I received a frantic phone message from our neighbor (she had just planted some of her garden yesterday) while I was doing my water aerobics class. Seems she had three chocolate labs in her back yard where there should only be one. I totally blame this breakout on her... she's the one who said yesterday to the labs, "Well, it looks like you've finally been corralled!" Talk about bringing on the bad luck!!

My husband spent another hour fixing the small hole into our garden, (six foot fences around it, also) where they were then able to go over a smaller fence to the neighbor's backyard. I have watched them patrol every juncture of fence to fence and fence to house, seeking a tiny hole to enlarge.

At least after the last remodel of fences I didn't say even to myself that THIS time we had them. I'm  not saying it now, either!! I'm absolutely sure they will once again defeat our fence building, repairs, and remodels. Maybe we can get a few days out of it this time, though.


Tuk, the mastermind                           Walker, loyal brother and sidekick

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Annie's Song - Fabulous!

I rarely give 5 stars even when I really, really like a book. This time, because I really, really liked the book, and the consistency of the quality of Ms. Dean’s work throughout her Claire Wiche Chronicles and encompassing all of her other work, there is no other rating to give.
Product DetailsThis story flows nicely, the characters are all true to what was written before. There is enough back story so that if it was a while since you read the others or if you haven’t read the others, you won’t feel lost. I do, however, recommend that you start at the beginning, the stories are just so good! The ending is solid, not a cliff hanger, but leaving you wanting more and assured that there will be more.
Great job, Ms. Dean. Another winner!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Only Human - Great SciFi!

Here we have another really good new scifi writer, Chris Reher. I loved the characterization and details. Being able to visualize (I know, I harp on that a lot) the scenes is extremely important to the reader, and that simply means there was enough detail to allow for the vision, but the minute details were left out, allowing the imagination to fill in the rest.

Product DetailsOften in a science fiction/romance story one of the two will suffer from lack of description. This is not the case in Only Human. The humans and humanoids are carefully described so that you can 'see' them, the technical details of battle, weapons, spaceships and life in space is filled in enough but not the point of boring. Chris Reher has combined them in a winning style.

I highly recommend this book - 4 stars.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Houdini had nothing over these dogs!

My husband and I have two chocolate labs. Brothers from the same litter, with us since puppies. I love the clowns, I'm pretty sure I do. They're about 8 years old. During the first two years that we've lived here they were busy going OVER the six foot cedar fence we put around the place, we were busy fixing low-ish spots. They have about half an acre back yard.

They were stymied when we finally were able to make it an 8 ft fence everywhere, and we've been fortunate enough for the last two years (while I was busy fighting cancer) that they seemed content to stay home. Now I know they were just lulling us into a false sense of security while they plotted. Or, maybe, waiting until I was well enough to appreciate their skills... I don't know.

At any rate, their problem solving skills have now kicked in.

The chocolates have discovered (having been blocked after eating their way through the uprights and the lattice on the porch, and braving a 10 ft drop the first time when they went over the top railing, a 6ft drop the second time),  they can go over the neighbor's 4 ft chain link that has two cables across the top (making it a 6 ft fence). They simply put their front paws on the top of the fence, stick their heads through the cable and climb the fence with their back feet. How do I know this? The neighbor knocked on our door at 6:05 this morning to let us know our dog was in her back yard, looking for a way out! When we looked, there was the second chocolate going over the fence!

So... today, the first of my two days off, (first days off I've taken in weeks and weeks) will be spent taking down the lower half of the lattice on the porch and replacing it with chain link... I don't even want to visualize what kind of dog could get through that!... and putting more chain link above the neighbor's chain link, making that a minimum of solid 6 ft.

Photo: This day can't get much better... paid a bunch in income tax, came home to find not only the stupid chocolate labs are gone, but this time Roz went with them . We have tried so hard to keep them in. Now they're eating through the fence. At my wits end with what to do with them.
First we put up a lattice on top, second we took the top lattice off and put it all over, next will be the chain link on the bottom.

Later in the day.....
   Now we wait and watch.     

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not to be forgotten!

I was grabbed from the beginning of this series. Ms. Wick has an original going on with her dystopian world.  The beginning book was a bit light as far as detailed character descriptions, a quick read that showed there was a promise of more to come. There was not a lot of development of the group of the survivors, but that was not really noticed because the main characters and the other-worldly creatures were so real. In the second and third of the series, the action became faster paced, more intense and totally enjoyable, with a bit of romance thrown in. I enjoyed this series enough that I will read it again and I will definitely recommend it to anyone. 

 Product DetailsProduct Details Product Details

Another book I can easily recommend

There are different types of books within the science fiction genre. This book is more what I used to class as hard science fiction. There are aliens in this book who are totally out of Mr. Traynor's imagination, but there are no mind-readers, shape-shifters, angels, demons, or vampires. This is a story simply about war, politics, strategy and diplomacy. In space. I really liked it!

 Product Details
Opening moves was very well written, the descriptions of the fighting, destruction of ships and crew, and the tactics used allowed the reader to visualize the scenes. The character development was well rounded to the point that I cared when there was a loss and felt the utter disbelief felt by the characters. 

I recommend this book, and plan on reading more from James Traynor. Nicely done!

Friday, April 19, 2013


This book was written with a high level of description and the characters were nicely developed. It was obvious to me that the author knew the landscape of the areas the characters traveled, and had a back story for them all. I love science fiction, and am a total sucker for the ‘dad rescuing his daughter’ premise.
Product Details
An action-packed science fiction book that I would recommend.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Keepers

This story has characters so nicely described that I wouldn't be surprised to see them on the street. Ms. Augustine has created a story that is imaginative, new and catches the reader’s interest. This was a nice, smooth read with enough back-story to understand the characters.

I liked this book and would recommend it to anyone. Well done, Ms. Augustine, I'm looking forward to reading more of your work!  

Product Details

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Reminiscent of the Pink Panther meets Keystone Cops

This book is funny! Mr. Van Brussel has developed the characters and set the scene for a comic story that made me chuckle out loud. The language skills of this author are a welcome change from the run of the mill, some of the words I had to look up! An unusual situation for me.
Product Details
The storyline flows nicely, there are a couple of places where it seems to slow a bit, for me, but in no way bogs down. The descriptions of the settings and characters are full and allow the reader to be ‘in’ the scene. And I love the cover! I enjoyed reading this story.

Monday, April 15, 2013


Product DetailsI've been waiting for Whispers from Exile!  While it didn't star Orynn as much as I would have preferred, the story was none-the-less an entertaining read. One of the things I like about C. E. Kilgore's writing is that each book ends with the promise of another, but is not really a cliff hanger, letting you know there is more to the story if you would like to pursue it.

While this story reflects on the love of a Mechtronic male (Torque) and a male Ruisk (Larx), it is primarily about the fight for freedom of the Ruisk and the ongoing search for Orynn.

Nicely done, Ms. Kilgore. I'm waiting for the next!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

All I can say...

Though I didn't edit all of Jason Blacker's books, I'm giving the link for the page on Amazon showing all he has published there.  Mr. Blacker is an author of hard hitting, realistic, thought provoking and sometimes disturbing books. If you like to hear a tell-it-like-it-is story, (The book Can You Please be Quiet is definitely in this category) I don't think you will be disappointed by anything he has written. Product Details

He has also written lighter stories—the Lady Marmalade Series is absolutely the best! Short, easy to read who-dunnits. I totally enjoyed reading these.
Product Details

I recommend you check out Jason Blacker books!