Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Playing Catch Up

Between the holidays, my surgery, hubby's surgery, editing, and regular life, I haven't taken the time to update this blog! So, here goes!

Product Details   I loved it! In my opinion, this is not really a mystery, although there are some elements of mystery in it. Mostly, this is lighthearted fun. I really like the humor of Jos Van Brussel, and wonder where on earth does he get his ideas!

Product DetailsWhile there are a few questions I have from comments in previous books of the series, this was a great ending. It did leave room for spin-off books, and perhaps there will be some of the answers there.I rate the series high and I rate the author even higher. I will read anything by Cate Dean.

Product Details I love the Steve Williams series. This book is graphic in both sex scenes and the horror scenes, just a warning not a complaint-I read Stephen King, too. Throw in the terror of the occult/paranormal and you have an unforgettable story. J.E. Taylor has crafted a book that explains behaviors that you read about in the first books. Totally recommend the Steve Williams series.

Product DetailsGreat conclusion to the series! Fast paced and action filled, there is no putting this one down until the end!

A beautiful ending that left this reader content. Having read the Steve Williams series, I was tickled to have Damian and Naomi meet up with said detective! 

Rather than recommending a single book, I must recommend an author – J.E. Taylor is a name worth passing on as recommendation for any of her books!

Product DetailsSecond in the series, this book continues with Alaysha trying to find out more about herself and her roots. The characters are more developed and the world that Thea Atkinson has created is very original. Couldn't wait to get my hands on the next!

Product DetailsThis series just gets better with each book that comes out. Characterization stays true, we learn more about the world in general and each book causes me to read faster and faster. I'm left waiting for the next! Outstanding job, Thea Atkinson!

Product DetailsI really loved this series. I think that each book of the series was better than the last. The characters were people I cared for—some more than others!—and knowing this is the end has saddened me. Thea Atkinson is a writer that I will recommend to many others.