About the Editor

My name is Janet Bessey, and reading, learning and teaching have been the most consistent passions of my life. I started Dragonfly Editing in 2012, after recovering from breast cancer, and all that entails, and double knee replacement... this was a good way to keep from thinking about myself!

My love of learning and language began around the dinner table when the entire family participated in word games using the dictionary. My father introduced a grammar game that could either net me some nickels, or cost me a few pennies. If he heard me use incorrect grammar I had to pay a penny. If I caught him, he paid me a nickel! I was a natural at grammar so I only had to pay a couple of pennies, ever, and I actually got a nickel from him....once!

I have 11 years experience working with students at the high school level, and have edited papers for college level assignments. During that span of time I have done everything from proofreading to rewrites. Combining an aptitude for correct grammar, complete love of reading, and a computer for research, I am able to bring a fresh perspective to your manuscript.

I have heard it said that if an editor has low prices, they aren't going to spend much time on your book; I say, I don't work by the hour, I work by the book. Because I work at home, and the kids are grown, I have few distractions. I am able to focus completely on your work. It's more important to me to send you a clean copy than to figure how much per hour I make.

An avid reader with a talent for words, I look at editing from the reader's perspective, finding ways to help maintain your voice, while keeping an eye on the flow of the wording, keeping sentence structure  tight, and correcting gramatical errors.