Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Secrets of a D-List Supervillain by Jim Bernheimer

Product DetailsFilling in and fleshing out the world and characters of the D-List Supervillain, 'Secrets' give the details for the behind the scenes actions in the first books. Though it doesn't introduce a new plot, I was thoroughly entertained by the humor and creativity shown my Mr. Bernheimer, and appreciated the gaps that were filled. I recommend starting from the beginning of the series, for continuity; and though I didn't do that, I still enjoyed the writer and the story so much that I went back and purchased the rest of the series.

Comic book heroes have become a favorite of mine through TV series, and this book series is one to rival Iron Man. Anyone who enjoys the comic book heroes should love Bernheimer's books.

Long Road Home by Megan Duncan

Product Details

Once again stepping out of the vampire genre, Ms. Duncan has produced a young adult contemporary romance novel that is so well written that even if you aren't a fan of romance novels, you would like this one. The story is one many young people can, sadly, associate with. Written about high school students, there is minimal swearing, and for the most part, Ms. Duncan has the most entertaining use of words and phrases to describe unpleasant people and situations. Highly recommended.

Silence by J.E. Taylor

Product DetailsTaking a step away from the genre and age group I normally associate with J.E. Taylor, this book is a great read for all high school students, and is relevant to those of us who are older, but still remember issues from high school. The story is of Jamie, a freshman who encounters and deals with the physical and emotional cruelty that one can encounter in school. How Jamie deals with all of this places an enormous burden on her, one that will have consequences later. Really enjoyed this. Well thought out, well defined characters. Thanks, Ms. Taylor. I recommend this to anyone 15 and older.

Tempted Heart-Blackbourne Mysteries Prequel by Cate Dean

Product DetailsA new series from Cate Dean! Providing us all with another terrific read, Ms. Dean has created a new series that I, as a reader, am really excited about. Her characters are well thought out and her descriptions are full without putting the reader to sleep with minutiae. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment. Well done, Ms. Dean.