Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rider: Spirals of Destiny Book One by Jim Bernheimer

Loved it. This story is so well written that I was completely wrapped up in what was going on. Difficult to put down, I am looking forward to adding this book to my to-be-read-over-and-over-again list.

Product DetailsThe descriptions of places are clear enough to visualize, the characters are fleshed enough to love or hate them, or both at the same time.

I’m happy that this is a series, because I loved it and can’t wait to read more about Majherri and Kayleigh. Very well done, Mr. Bernheimer!

First Breath: Love in Time Book Two by Cate Dean

The second installment of the Love in Time series delivers. One of the best things about Cate Dean is that her books always leave you wanting to read more about these characters, but they don’t leave you with an ‘arrrrgh’ feeling of being dropped flat.

Product DetailsOnce again this is a can’t-stop-until-it’s-done kind of book. The book is fast paced, intense and I can’t wait for more!

Where Forever Lies by Tara Neideffer

I enjoyed this story. It's about a young woman, Paige, trying to deal with the stresses that come with being a single, working mom. Learning how to deal with the deaths of people close to her, and trying to push her fears aside in order to allow herself the opportunity for love.
Product Details
The story flowed nicely, the characters were real, and most people can relate to the problems faced. Nicely done Ms. Neideffer.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Fourteen Days by Kate Hawkings

What a well written book! The action was non-stop, the story-line was innovative and I can’t wait to know what happens next.

Katherine Hawkings has done an amazing job of making this book as independent of the first as possible. I read this book before I read the first one, and didn’t realize there was a first one! The characters are well developed; the surroundings are described but not endlessly detailed to the point of boredom. No boredom anywhere near this story!
Product Details

Loved it! If you like this genre, you will love this author! I would recommend reading The Sphinx Project first, simply to give even more depth to Fourteen Days. 

Theta Waves by Thea Atkinson

Oh, my gosh! This story is so nothing like I thought it was! This book is episodes one through three; I’ve read all of the episodes, one through five, and feel like I’ve been blindfolded and spun!  ARRGH!

Product DetailsThis is truly an original story! So thought provoking that I think about it even after I've finished it. The characters are so well written and dimensional that I'm constantly changing my mind about whether they are good guys or bad guys! This is not confusion, this is being led down a path with bunches of twists and turns!

I found myself at the end of the book before I realized it. It was difficult to put down, and I only wanted more when it was over. I feel like I’ve experienced all that Theda has gone through, and now I’m exhausted! Truly a nice job, Ms. Atkinson.

Final Hours By Cate Dean

A sweet love story that happens to be wrapped around a time travel –divert-future-disaster-by-changing-the-past story. Or rather, by NOT changing the past.

Product DetailsThe characters were interesting, the story-line good. The ending seemed a bit up in the air, but a lot of series are like that. There is not really a cliff-hanger, for which I am grateful, but there are a bunch of unanswered questions that I seriously want to know the answers.

Looking forward to this series, I like the time travel premise, and one can tell there is a much deeper understory going on!

AND it's only $.99 right now! 

Nice job, Ms. Dean.