Thursday, July 18, 2013

Second in the Aliomenti Series

Product DetailsWhat an emotional roller coaster this story is! I found myself reading faster and faster so I could know what came next.  As the second book of a series, one usually has questions as to whether it will live up to the first book, - in this case - A Question of Will. Let me tell you now, it more than lives up to the first book!
My favorite quote: Hope without action means nothing; it’s just words and an idea. You have to make the decision on how you’ll behave, and simply not accept any excuse or difficulty as a reason to act in any other way.
I loved the story line from the first book and was thrilled that the quality continued. Alex Albrinck has developed characters you care about, or hate, depending on which character. The world he has built is so solid, you find yourself looking around, wondering if the person next to you might be an Aliomenti.
Highly recommend this series, and this author. Great job!

The Mueller Frog

Product DetailsFrom the author of The Zapp Imbroglio, this is a comedy all the way to the end. While not as Pink Panther –ish as the Zapp Imbroglio, The Mueller Frog has its moments! This story is a nice light read for a summer day at the beach; or wherever you are.

I enjoyed the lighthearted approach to love and larceny. Good job, Mr. Van Brussel!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Question of Will

Product DetailsThis is a must read. From the very beginning I thought A Question of Will was fabulous! I actually cried twice during the read. Twice! That doesn't happen often. Because of the complete descriptions, the characters were very real to me, and I cared about what happened to them. Mr. Albrinck built his story so well I was able to visualize the settings where the various scenes took place. Really well done! Thanks for writing this series, can't wait to read more.

The Brookridge Park Horror (The Feline Spy Serial 1)

Product DetailsJos Van Brussel is at it again! This time he's written a short story as an off-shoot of his Zack Zapp series. If you don't have a lot of time, would like to chuckle (and maybe roll your eyes) then this is for you. Mr. Van Brussel doesn't mess around when it comes to thinking outside the box! I loved it. It was light, funny, and at the same time, it was definitely a mystery! Great job!

Sins of the Father (A Lady Marmalade Mystery)

Jason Blacker has released another Lady Marmalade mystery! Each of the Lady Marmalade books I read gives me a bit more of the story of the complex main character-Lady Marmalade. That is just a bonus because the real story is the murder mystery she solves.

Product DetailsSet in 1942, during WWII, Lady M is asked to help out a woman who is almost a neighbor. An interesting cast of characters reside at the home of this woman, as boarders. Perhaps one of those boarders is the one sending threatening mail the the woman?

A twisty tale peppered by air raid sirens and the threat of bombs falling. Definitely recommended reading.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Nighthawk Series - Book 2

I'm finding it difficult to write a review for this book! I loved it, really really loved it! However, if I say WHY I love it, I'll reveal too much of the story. There are so many directions that this series can take, I'm holding my breath for the next one!

Product DetailsI guess the only thing to do is to give it 5 stars, and say, "You have to read it!"