Thursday, July 18, 2013

Second in the Aliomenti Series

Product DetailsWhat an emotional roller coaster this story is! I found myself reading faster and faster so I could know what came next.  As the second book of a series, one usually has questions as to whether it will live up to the first book, - in this case - A Question of Will. Let me tell you now, it more than lives up to the first book!
My favorite quote: Hope without action means nothing; it’s just words and an idea. You have to make the decision on how you’ll behave, and simply not accept any excuse or difficulty as a reason to act in any other way.
I loved the story line from the first book and was thrilled that the quality continued. Alex Albrinck has developed characters you care about, or hate, depending on which character. The world he has built is so solid, you find yourself looking around, wondering if the person next to you might be an Aliomenti.
Highly recommend this series, and this author. Great job!