Sunday, November 24, 2013

Georgia Reign

By J.E. Taylor
Though there is gore, and pain, and lip-curling scenes, the fascination with Steve Williams and his abilities over-rides all else. First and foremost I am a paranormal fan who likes mystery/detective stories.
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At first I was amazed that anyone would write with such graphic description of the torture scenes, but then I remembered all the Stephen King books I’ve read. This author, while not yet at the King pinnacle, has the same style of writing, her stories scare the you-know-what out of a person, and are horrifying enough that, though sometimes you wish you could, you can’t put them down. Descriptions of events, characters, and surroundings allow the reader to be placed right in the story, which is what makes it all so scary.

I look forward to reading the rest of the Steve Williams series and any other that this author cares to come up with.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Season for Hope

Once again Ms. Cannon has created a story that is readable, easy to relate to, and that allows the reader to feel a part of the action.

Product DetailsThe characters in this book are so real and the story so well developed that almost anyone can relate to them. The insight that Bailey gains is something we can all hope for.

I suggest you read everything written by Ms. Cannon that you can get your hands on.

Crystal Illusions

Product DetailsBy J.E. Taylor

Amazing... again. I simply can’t get enough of J.E. Taylor’s books. This author is able to scare the bejummies out of you one minute, and touch your heart the next.

With enough twists and turns to keep the most avid detective mystery readers satisfied, this is another can’t-put-it-down-’til-it’s-done book.  Reminds me a bit of Stephen King, I want to close my eyes to read some of it... but I can’t stop reading!

Definitely recommended!

Shrine of Avooblis

Product DetailsBy Charles Streams

I’m so happy with the second book of the Adventurers! The shady villains, reluctant hero, irrepressible sidekick... you just don’t need any more than this for a great adventure story.

Rather than give an entire rundown of what happened in book one, the author has added appropriate backstory where needed. This book can be read as stand-alone, but you won’t want to!

All of the main and supporting characters have added dimensions that help bring them to life. As I’d hoped, after reading the first story—The Arches of Avooblis—more definition was given to Elloriana and I was able to visualize and ‘hear’ her voice. Now for Lita, and we will have a great quest team.

This is one series I highly recommend.

Monday, November 18, 2013

How can it be November??

November! How can it be November? I thought I had just posted here, but realized I hadn't posted anything since the beginning of October. I've been so busy editing I haven't even thought about updating this blog.

With the holidays coming up, it's even more difficult to find the time to take care of the important but less critical aspects of work. My first duty is to get the manuscripts back to the authors in a timely manner. Since I'm a reading addict I haven't really booked any time for anything else. Must find balance!

My authors sometimes set goals far in advance. I admire that, though long term goals are a bit beyond me at the moment. So, a short term goal will be set.

This week I will be updating this blog with the rest of the books I've edited that have been published and what I thought of them.     :o)   Setting this short term goal is easy-peasy! We'll see if I am disciplined enough to put the reading/editing aside for a moment and fulfill the goal.

For anyone who has read about my houdini dogs, an update. We are still struggling to keep the 9 yr old chocolate labs in the yard. One in particular, Tuk, has decided he's too old to jump and climb over the six foot fences, so he'll burrow under. We now have an electric wire 6 inches from the ground all the way around the chain link fence. However, yesterday, he punched through another spot on the wood fence. Couldn't find the battering ram so we figure he just used his thick head. I think 6 foot solid metal fencing (if there is such a thing) that goes underground about 8 inches may be what we need. Not attractive, but maybe houdini dog proof!

We aren't quite ready to give up, but then, neither is Tuk!