Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shrine of Avooblis

Product DetailsBy Charles Streams

I’m so happy with the second book of the Adventurers! The shady villains, reluctant hero, irrepressible sidekick... you just don’t need any more than this for a great adventure story.

Rather than give an entire rundown of what happened in book one, the author has added appropriate backstory where needed. This book can be read as stand-alone, but you won’t want to!

All of the main and supporting characters have added dimensions that help bring them to life. As I’d hoped, after reading the first story—The Arches of Avooblis—more definition was given to Elloriana and I was able to visualize and ‘hear’ her voice. Now for Lita, and we will have a great quest team.

This is one series I highly recommend.