Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Witch Bound: Heir Hunters, book 2

Product DetailsThere are enough side plots to keep everyone happy in this, the second of the Heir Hunters Series. Sometimes the second in a series can seem a bit disjointed from the first. Not so, with this book. It is so well written that it appears seamless in the telling. You will not be disappointed when reading Witch Blood... More, please‼

Blood Hunted-Heir Hunters Series by K.E. O’Connor

Product DetailsThis is an original story that I found fascinating! I like the style, the descriptions, the action... just everything about it.I’m very happy it’s a series... Highly recommended reading.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Loving the Enemy by Cate Dean

Product DetailsThis book was wonderful. The character development was such that you felt their anguish, and their love. Ms. Dean developed the plot well, built her story, and made it possible to feel involved with the happenings. The love scenes were steamy without being overdone. This was definitely not a cliff hanger, for which I am extremely grateful, but the promise of more to come, again for which I am extremely grateful! Thank you Ms. Dean, for sharing your wonderful world-building with us.