Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Secrets of a D-List Supervillain by Jim Bernheimer

Product DetailsFilling in and fleshing out the world and characters of the D-List Supervillain, 'Secrets' give the details for the behind the scenes actions in the first books. Though it doesn't introduce a new plot, I was thoroughly entertained by the humor and creativity shown my Mr. Bernheimer, and appreciated the gaps that were filled. I recommend starting from the beginning of the series, for continuity; and though I didn't do that, I still enjoyed the writer and the story so much that I went back and purchased the rest of the series.

Comic book heroes have become a favorite of mine through TV series, and this book series is one to rival Iron Man. Anyone who enjoys the comic book heroes should love Bernheimer's books.

The Cull By Donna Shelton and Janet Bessey

 Book blurb: I often reflect on the way this disaster came to be. How could a democratic society allow a duly elected government to label...