Saturday, April 27, 2013

Only Human - Great SciFi!

Here we have another really good new scifi writer, Chris Reher. I loved the characterization and details. Being able to visualize (I know, I harp on that a lot) the scenes is extremely important to the reader, and that simply means there was enough detail to allow for the vision, but the minute details were left out, allowing the imagination to fill in the rest.

Product DetailsOften in a science fiction/romance story one of the two will suffer from lack of description. This is not the case in Only Human. The humans and humanoids are carefully described so that you can 'see' them, the technical details of battle, weapons, spaceships and life in space is filled in enough but not the point of boring. Chris Reher has combined them in a winning style.

I highly recommend this book - 4 stars.