Monday, April 22, 2013

Houdini had nothing over these dogs!

My husband and I have two chocolate labs. Brothers from the same litter, with us since puppies. I love the clowns, I'm pretty sure I do. They're about 8 years old. During the first two years that we've lived here they were busy going OVER the six foot cedar fence we put around the place, we were busy fixing low-ish spots. They have about half an acre back yard.

They were stymied when we finally were able to make it an 8 ft fence everywhere, and we've been fortunate enough for the last two years (while I was busy fighting cancer) that they seemed content to stay home. Now I know they were just lulling us into a false sense of security while they plotted. Or, maybe, waiting until I was well enough to appreciate their skills... I don't know.

At any rate, their problem solving skills have now kicked in.

The chocolates have discovered (having been blocked after eating their way through the uprights and the lattice on the porch, and braving a 10 ft drop the first time when they went over the top railing, a 6ft drop the second time),  they can go over the neighbor's 4 ft chain link that has two cables across the top (making it a 6 ft fence). They simply put their front paws on the top of the fence, stick their heads through the cable and climb the fence with their back feet. How do I know this? The neighbor knocked on our door at 6:05 this morning to let us know our dog was in her back yard, looking for a way out! When we looked, there was the second chocolate going over the fence!

So... today, the first of my two days off, (first days off I've taken in weeks and weeks) will be spent taking down the lower half of the lattice on the porch and replacing it with chain link... I don't even want to visualize what kind of dog could get through that!... and putting more chain link above the neighbor's chain link, making that a minimum of solid 6 ft.

Photo: This day can't get much better... paid a bunch in income tax, came home to find not only the stupid chocolate labs are gone, but this time Roz went with them . We have tried so hard to keep them in. Now they're eating through the fence. At my wits end with what to do with them.
First we put up a lattice on top, second we took the top lattice off and put it all over, next will be the chain link on the bottom.

Later in the day.....
   Now we wait and watch.