Monday, May 6, 2013

Saga of the labs...

Continuing in the original style of Houdini, himself, the two chocolate labs have made it their lifework (which may be shorter than they dreamed) to chew through, pull apart, and simply push through, every barrier we set in front of them.

Never looking at a fence remodel as an item of despair, they simply sit down, drool awhile, and come up with a plan to go over, under, or through said fence. I'm sure they are thrilled that we are providing them with the equivalent of lumosity for dogs. Keep those brain cells active!

I received a frantic phone message from our neighbor (she had just planted some of her garden yesterday) while I was doing my water aerobics class. Seems she had three chocolate labs in her back yard where there should only be one. I totally blame this breakout on her... she's the one who said yesterday to the labs, "Well, it looks like you've finally been corralled!" Talk about bringing on the bad luck!!

My husband spent another hour fixing the small hole into our garden, (six foot fences around it, also) where they were then able to go over a smaller fence to the neighbor's backyard. I have watched them patrol every juncture of fence to fence and fence to house, seeking a tiny hole to enlarge.

At least after the last remodel of fences I didn't say even to myself that THIS time we had them. I'm  not saying it now, either!! I'm absolutely sure they will once again defeat our fence building, repairs, and remodels. Maybe we can get a few days out of it this time, though.


Tuk, the mastermind                           Walker, loyal brother and sidekick