Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Chamber

I finished The Chamber by Dominic H. King. Here is my final review.  :O)  The characters were well developed and I was able to get a picture of them in my head.   The idea of twin worlds where some things are backward from each other is an interesting one. In my opinion that could have been expanded more with more examples rather than just mentioning it. This is however a series so I imagine there will be more examples in the second book.

At the beginning, the book was fast paced and I read every word. As pages went by, however, I found that I was glossing over parts and thought about why I was doing that. I believe that, for me, there was just too much description of surroundings and history that didn’t need to be there, and not enough action for a while. The action did pick up again, and it had me holding my breath at times.
I liked the way the chapters were separated into Kal’s and Daine’s adventures, Mr. King made it easy to follow each one of them and never left me wondering just how they got to the next scene.

I will definitely get the next in the series, and I recommend this to others who like elves, dwarves, magic and new worlds.  
The Chamber (Twin Worlds trilogy)