Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sacrifice Me and Death's Awakening by Sarra Cannon

I got so busy I neglected to update one of my favorite authors... sincere apologies for the delay, Ms. Cannon!

Sacrifice Me: Complete Season 1

Boxed set of short stories that will have you wanting more and more!
Product DetailsExtending the world of demons created in The Peachville Series, Sacrifice Me is an adult paranormal series. Nicely blended with Peachville. Couldn't put it down.

Death's Awakening: Eternal sorrows Book 1

Product DetailsA page turner about the apocalypse, magic, and zombies - who wouldn't love this? A must read, as is every Sarra Cannon book.

The Cull By Donna Shelton and Janet Bessey

 Book blurb: I often reflect on the way this disaster came to be. How could a democratic society allow a duly elected government to label...