Monday, June 9, 2014

Origins of a D-List Supervillain

Origins of a D-List Supervillain is the prequel to Confessions of a D-List Supervillain. Explaining how it all began. Written from the viewpoint of the villain, this story is filled with non-stop action, rarely allowing the villain to completely win, and is refreshingly different. Mr. Bernheimer has brought these characters to life; and I liked reading about the mechanical Super rather than the ‘born that way’ kind. Or, in this case the MechaniCal Super.

Product DetailsJim Bernheimer is another on my ‘get everything he writes’ list of authors. I’ve edited three books from three of his series, Spirals of Destiny, Dead Eye: Pennies for the Ferryman, and Origins of a D-List Supervillain. I don’t even have words (something I am rarely without) to describe how diverse these stories are, and how original. So original, that I’ve purchased each of the next in line for these three.