Saturday, March 30, 2013

Edgy, Gritty

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I've been waiting and watching for this book to come out! The characters are so developed that I 'saw' them.

This book is edgy, gritty, and punches hard. The short choppy read was distracting at first, but as I read on, I was easily able to see the character of Janko. I didn’t like Janko at first. I had no compassion for him, mainly because he spent all his time swearing and crying about his situation. As he began to change he became much more likable and I finally was able to feel compassion for him.

It wasn’t until halfway through that I really caught on to what Janko was all about. I’d had the beginning of the idea before, but then it just all clicked and I started thinking back and looking for the clues. And there are definitely clues.

This is a story that I have thought about a lot after the reading of it. Not many books stay on my mind this much, and cause me to think and re-think what the character was going through. Nicely done, Mr. Blacker.