Sunday, October 28, 2012

Busy Fall!

I can't believe how busy this fall has been! So busy, in fact, that I have three books to highlight!

Product DetailsThere is one certain quality in a book written by an author who will be very successful…I find myself picturing the scenes as though I was watching a movie in my mind. “Saving Face” by J. E. Taylor is just such a book written by just such an author. This book has a killer opener, sets the stage, has enough background so you don’t feel you’ve totally missed the story by not reading the first of the set, and builds the action.
I’ve edited a lot of books, read thousands more, and can honestly say this is an author to look for. I recommend this book and any other by J. E. Taylor for anyone who likes mystery, romance, and paranormal. It’s the total package. 

Product DetailsThis book totally captured my attention! I am not going to say where this story goes, it’s too good a book to try to recap the action, you must read this yourself. There are many clues given during the entire story, some are red herrings that set your mind to thinking, ahhhh, I know what happened. Well, you don’t! Mystery story-telling at its best, I have to thank you, Mr. Conner, for providing a story that I can read more than one time. There are levels upon levels that reveal hidden clues, with an ending I didn’t see coming. The author hinted at issues, then let the reader move on, only to come back with a completely unexpected answer. This book was totally enjoyable. I highly recommend this book to anyone! You don’t have to love mystery writing to love this book.

 "Hot Like Fire"
Product DetailsI thought this book was really sweet. The characters meet and fall in love. There are no large disagreements, nothing goes wrong. It's refreshing to read a book that is just romantic. I think the characters could have survived some trauma, Ms Roberts built them well enough to see the strength beneath the every day life, and who knows, maybe she will continue to follow them and throw some of life's disappointments at them. Even so, I like this book and would definitely recommend it for an enjoyable quick read.