Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Review of The Saving Angels Series

I read all three of Tiffany King's series: "Meant to Be", "The Ascended", and "Forgotten Souls" in one intense reading spree! HIGHLY recommend this series.

"Meant to Be"  I really did love it, however, there were a lot of mistakes in grammar and punctuation. I think the story line was terrific, I was able to get emotionally involved, but my eye automatically stops at the errors and that disrupts the flow. The character development, in my opinion, was very good, I felt that I got to know them all, even the cat, Feline! Tiffany writes in a way that puts the reader right into the situations that develop. 

"Forgotten Souls" I must say that I enjoyed this story a great deal. Often a second book can be a bit slower than the first, in this case, I was involved with everyone, glad to see all of them again, and anxious to carry on. I was disappointed that the edits had not improved in "Forgotten Souls", but still loved the book and would recommend it to any reader.

"The Ascended" What a beautiful finale to the series! Tiffany tied up loose ends, added to character histories,  and managed to create a unique view of the world for the reader to experience. I have to say that I'm SO glad I got all three books at once, waiting for any one of them would have been torture! Thanks, Tiffany, keep on writing!

My favorite saying from the series: "Holy Crowbear!"